Welcome to Redkar Hospital and Research Center

From Emergency to Rehabilitation

We are a Multi-speciality Hospital and Research Centre. We cater to your medical well-being and health care services. Our team strives to create an environment which is patient friendly and transparent.

Our Aim

Redkar Hospital and Research Centre (RHRC) aims to provide preventive and appropriately diagnosed care to all individuals in the society, in a safe and ethical manner. We at RHRC also provide for diagnostic services along with other medical facilities.

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Medical Departments

The Backbone of our Hospital

Intensive Care Unit

At Redkar Hospital and Research Centre 10 beds function as a state of art intensive care unit (ICU), looked after by round the clock qualified and experienced Intensivists (doctor with expertise/skill in treating critical care patients)

Facilities Available

We cover a big variety of medical facilities

Our Facilities

The hospital has two advanced and fully equipped operation theatres with efficient surgical staff and 24/7 availability of a General Surgeon, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Urosurgeon, a Neurosurgeon and an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) surgeon to deal with emergencies and timely care, along with in-house facilities such a  pharmacy, CT-Scan, Radiology, and a laboratory.

Our Intensive Care Unit

Each ICU bed is attached with a separate cubicle which has independent access, where relatives can stay along with the patients separated by see though glass without disturbing patients and maintaining privacy, this relative cubicles are not charged.